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Pukaar Episode 1 - 8th Feb 2018 - ARY Digital Drama Video Informations

The Video Pukaar Episode 1 - 8th Feb 2018 - ARY Digital Drama Gets 12,902 Likes and 1,421 Dislikes From all over the World. The uploader ARY Digital Uploaded this Video Pukaar Episode 1 - 8th Feb 2018 - ARY Digital Drama for the Entertainments. You Can Enjoy the video and can rate it. A Total of 14323 Peoples Already Watched Pukaar Episode 1 - 8th Feb 2018 - ARY Digital Drama and You are the next..

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Pukaar Episode 01 - 8th February 2018 only on ARY Digital Official YouTube Channel.

Getting married is the biggest thing in any girl’s life and getting married according to girl’s own will is certainly the happiest one. Moreover, in Islam, getting married completes half your Deen and is mandatory for every Muslim. Marriage is sharing your love, your life, your habits, your happiness and your sorrows with your partner. But what happens when the one you get married to, does not exist anymore?

This drama ‘Pukaar’, engulfed with emotions is a story of Samra (Yumna Zaidi) who is a happy and bubbly girl that knows how to enjoy life to the fullest. Even her marriage happens to be a dream come true. She married the feudal lord whom she really admired.

But her happiness was short-lived. Soon after the marriage, Samra’a husband passes away leaving her caught up in feudal culture and values. As per rural traditions, the family wanted to keep her bound for the rest of her life in the name of family’s pride as per the rules of feudal families. A once happy-go-lucking girl, was seen drowning in her own miseries.

Sarang (Zahid Ahmed), however, comes as a savior being an optimistic character of the story. His positive character will try influencing Samra’s approach towards life.

Do you think Samra would transform to a bundle of joy like she was before?

Written By:
Adeel Razzak

Directed By:
Farooq Rind

• Yumna Zaidi as Samra
• Zahid Ahmed as Sarang 
• Saad Qureshi as Fahad
• Rehan Sheikh
• Jia Ali
• Saba Faisal
• Laila Zuberi
• Sheryaar Zaidi

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