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Star Night Club - Dubbed Hindi Movies 2017 Full Movie HD l Niranjan , Indira Sharma Video Informations

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Watch this Bollywood Hindi Romantic Movie''
Starring :- Niranjan Nalawade , Indira Sharma , Kavita Verma , Anil nagrath, praveen Wadkar , Shakila Shaikh , Sher Alam

This is a story of two sisters Sameera ,Sasha. Fate has made Sasha extremely beautiful and COMPARED to her Sameera is just presentable. Presently both are in their twenties and our story starts from here.Sasha being the better looking and confident of the two, is the talk of the town. All the men look forward to date her Ory to start a conversation with her at any given time. She have had many proposals coming her way from doctors, local rich guys etc but she refuses because she feels that they are not amatch for tier. She is invited for all parties and Sarneera is just invited because they cant call one sisterand leave the second behipd. Sasha likes attention and does not miss any opportunity in putting her sister down.Sarneera is presentable but lacks confidence. Her only asset is her voice. She can sing like a nightingale.She is one of the best singers in church choirs and appreciated by all.In one incident, her father had sent her voice tape to one music directors who were looking for some new talent. On hea ring her voice and after talking to her on phone the music director was so impressed that he came to her house to sign a contract. When sasha heard this, she was so jealous that she could not digest it. But she knew how to spoil it. When the director came knocking, sasha came in front first and gently seduced him, after which Sameera came in. When he realized that it was Sameera who sang the song and not Sasha, he made some excuse and left.In one of the parties, Sasha intentionally clicks a few photographs of Sameera without flash inorder to make her feel low. Since Sameera has accepted her fate, does not bother and is not aware of Sasha;stricks.One day on request from Sasha to take some printouts of the photo taken, Sameera goes with the camera chip to their nearest phographer shop. To her surprise, she sees a new young guy (Johan) there.He is the nephew of the photographer. He is a fashion photographer in the city and was there to spend some time with his uncle.As he starts looking at the photographs, he tells Sameera that her photos have not come good because no flash was used. He further starts taking Sameera into confidence by introducing himself as a fashion photographer and convinces her to do a photo shoot with him. He assures her that he will make her look like a queen.For once Sameera sees a ray of hope and accepts his invitation to do a photo shoot. Taking advantage of her lack of self confidence, Johan slowly seduces her and gets physical. Sameera is in no position to reject his moves as she is experiencing physical attraction for the first time in her life and that too from a successful handsome man.
Johan seduces her so royally that Sameera is in cloud 9. She is no more a virgin.Sameera is overjoyed and her parents can see and feel a difference in her. They enquire about her change in style and mood but she does not tell them anything. Slowly it becomes a routine and Sameera starts falling in love with him. One day Johan proposes her and she accepts it. She announces the good news to her parents, who is really happy and excited for their daughter.
Johan is now a member of their family. He is invited for dinner and spends quality time with them. Sasha also shows her acceptance but is not very happy as for the first time in her life a man has proposed her sister instead of her. The three of them play games, go swimming etcs holiday is coming to an end and has to go back to town. They decide to get married and date and time is finalized. However on the day of the marriage, Sameera comes to know that Aman has left their village without telling ier but the biggest shock came when she was told that her sister ran away with him.ameera's world comes to an end. She goes into depression and self destruction mode by trying to slice her wrist. of Mier interval, scene starts with Sameera on bed, she is given first aid and wrist bandaged.She is rescued by her a rents. After they advise her not to do such things and advises her to be positive.Father gives her a surprise by ringing in the same music director, who after hearing her story is now ready to give her an opportunity to make a iusic albu m with him. She is initially reluctant but then finally agrees.ith the blessing of her father, she goes to town and records her first album and she becomes a star asthe album ecomes a super hit.le now comes in contact with some good fashion designers and cosmetologists and she undergoes a major change ier and becomes glamorous. She has big fan following and admirers now. During this time,the music director slowly arts to fall in love with Sameera.

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