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Bade is stopped by Chhote on his way to college. Chhote discourages him to go to the college and says that going to college will keep Bade unmarried for life. When Bade asks Chhote about how he came to this conclusion, Chhote replies that if Bade goes to college he will get a "Bachelor's degree".
Bakwaas Bandh Kar (Stop talking nonsense) is one of the funniest short series of anecdotes on TV. Two amoeba like characters Bade and Chhote (Big and small) entertain the viewers with their humorous PJs. Every short has a new topic to talk about. The subject of their chatter varies from politics to movies to school to office to expressions to anything you can think and speak of. Bade, who is elder to Chhote, is intelligent and serious in nature but contrary to him, Chhote is naughty, mischievous and extra witty. Together these two create humor which makes you go into gags. These 9XM characters are like those comic strips that you love to read with your daily digest. This animated duo makes you want for more. Filled with comedy punches, Bakwaas Bandh Kar is one of the most popular TV shorts people wait for. Though they don't have a specific place, species, appearance, or ethnicity to be associated with, yet their liveliness makes you relate with their jokes and humor as easy as they associate with you.

This is what Chhote has to say to the viewers:
"I am Chhote and Bade is my super - stupendo - fantastic college senior, but fail karte-karte he landed up in my class. Now we are like sock and shoe, inseparable, izzat se bole to Ram Lakshman. I have infinite questions and Bade is my only listener. I irritate him till he tears his hair out (now we have both become bald!!) and shouts: Bakwaas Bandh Kar. I look for pakau ideas to bore Bade. If you have one cooking in your head, tell me NOW..."

Bade introduces Chhote in his hip hop style:
"Yaaron tum iske paas na jaana, kaam hai iska sabka bheja pakana.
Super pakau bhi isse jaate hain darr, sab kehte hain -- Bakwaas Bandh Kar..."

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