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Format - Drama
Created by - UTV Software Communications
Directed by - Kaushik Ghatak, Vijay Saraiya, Vijay Chaturvedi, Sangeeta rao
No. of episodes - Total 688
Original run 2001 -- November 4, 2004

Shagun ("Omen") was a Hindi language daily Indian soap opera that was telecast on STAR Plus. It was story of fortune's twists and pitfalls that tear asunder the lives of two cousins tied together by a bond stronger than that of blood - the bond of love.Shagun is the story of two cousins, Aradhana and Aarti, brought up together and so close to each other that one hardly needs words to convey her thoughts to the other. Aarti is an optimist - she believes that she has what it takes to touch the stars, if she desires. Aradhana, however, considers herself unlucky.Gayatri, Aradhana's widowed mother, is dependent on her brother-in-law, Kailashnath. He is Aarti's father and the head of a traditional joint family, comprising Gayatri, Aradhana, his wife Rajrani and Aarti.Sharda bua, Kailashnath's sister, also lives with them. Aarti and Aradhana love her a lot.Despite being brought up in a traditional Agarwal family, the two girls dare to dream and fall in love. But the stars often ordain things that are beyond human choice: Suraj, the man Aarti is in love with, falls in love with Aradhana. Shagun is a story of fortune's twists and pitfalls, which tear asunder the lives of two cousins tied together by a bond of love.

Surbhi Tiwari ... Aradhana
Kabir Sadanand ... Karan
Rekha Rao ... Rajrani
Surendra Pal ... Kailashnath
Prashant Narayanan ... Sumer
Roopal Patel ... Lakhi kaki
Shweta Agarwal/Vandita Vasu ... Aarti
Jiten Lalwani ... Suraj
Suhita Thatte ... Aunt of Aradhana and Aarti, sister of Kailashnath
Renu Pandey ... Gayatri
Dimple Inamdar ... Pia
Tejal Shah ... Poonam

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