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This episode of Halla Bol brings the pressing issue of Abuse In Marriages into limelight. Sneha, the protagonist is a young, independent make-up artist hailing from Delhi who against the wishes of her parents absconds and marries her boyfriend- Tarun (a Radio Jockey). Now Based in Mumbai, the couple starts their marital life blissfully until Sneha starts working. Sneha's working hours, her association with male colleagues and her independence agitates Tarun's chauvinistic mind to a point that he starts assaulting his wife physically and sexually. Sneha bears Tarun's appalling behavior for a long time testing her patience, still trying to make her marriage work. The turning point comes after one dreadful night where Tarun loses his temper over a trivial matter and relentlessly rapes and beats her up. After which, she decides to fight back and have him get a taste of his own medicine.

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